The Seedpod-cast

Episode 33: Living As If

March 02, 2019 Episode 33
The Seedpod-cast
Episode 33: Living As If
The Seedpod-cast
Episode 33: Living As If
Mar 02, 2019 Episode 33
Jessica Croker
Believe in your dreams and feel their reality right now.
Show Notes

What would it be like to live as if your goals and dreams were a reality right now, in your life, as it is at this moment?  I think that is one of the things we have to learn to get the most out of our lives and not merely settle for what gets thrown at us or fall into thinking that our reality is left up to fate and forces beyond our control.  I'll share some insights I gleaned from my most recent reading of the Book of Mormon, my story of falling in love and getting married and what faith had to do with it, and how to start collaborating with God to see your dreams come true.

"You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end - which you can never afford to lose - with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be."  -James Stockdale

This week's resource:  The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

This week's self-care tip: sleep.  Go to bed by 10:00.

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